CA Final – Corporate & Economic Laws + Compact + MCQ Booklet – Nov 2022

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Striking features of the book

  • Volume 1 of this book set contains “Corporate Law” (70% syllabus) and Volume 2 of this contains “Economic Laws” (30% syllabus)
  • To negate the pressure of covering the questions from a separate Questions Bank, all the questions of past RTPs, MTPs, Suggested Answers and Study Material have been thoroughly covered in the main book itself with section-wise bifurcation.
  • All amendments up to October 31, 2021, have been duly incorporated in the book which are applicable for May 2022 attempt.
  • For Nov 2022 attempt, amendments upto April 30, 2022 will be applicable and the amendment notes for the same can be accessed from the official telegram channel –
  • The crucial topics have been summarised by way of charts and flow diagrams

Striking features of the Compact book

  • Capturing the first of its kind, to capture the entire syllabus of law in our minds
  • The laws that were drafted and amended overages have been summarised in 90 pages
  • Just few hours it will need, to revise the entire syllabus effectively indeed

Striking features of the MCQ Booklet

  • Exhaustive coverage of MCQs issued by ICAI till date (including Study Material, RTPs, MTPs and any other additional material)
  • Contains more than 800 MCQs to address the latest assessment pattern of ICAI (30 marks’ MCQs) effective from May 2019 exams
  • Further, sufficient Case Study based MCQs have also been incorporated, because from May 2020 examination onwards, instead of stand-alone MCQs, Case Study Based MCQs will also be included in the exams
  • There is Topic-wise bifurcation of MCQs so that students can selectively focus on their weak areas
  • ‘Answer Key’ is given at the end of every chapter
  • Hints and logics for complex MCQs have also been provided
  • It is a coloured MCQ book with separate colour combination for Questions and Answers which will definitely increase the speed as well as interest to solve all the MCQs
  • Special focus has been kept on the quality of the MCQs (and not volume) so that students can practise all the questions in a time-bound manner

Note – These books are applicable for May 2022 exams (which covers amendments till 31st October 2021). Students having Nov 2022 attempt will have to refer this book along with amendments of Nov 2022. The amendments of Nov 2021 can be accessed from the official telegram channel –


About The Author

CA Harsh Gupta

About CA Harsh Gupta

1. The author, being a qualified CA and CS has been a consistent performer with ranks at all the four stages viz.
• CS professional – Rank 2
• CS executive – Rank 14
• CA Final – Rank 40
• CA intermediate – Rank 4

2. Passion to master the art of interpretation drove him to get the best paper award in company law (CS), having secured 90 marks

3. He is also a first-class graduate from Hansraj College, having secured 98% marks in the paper of law

4. He has practical exposure of Corporate Restructuring on high-value deals, having been worked with EY in the field of M&A

5. Having the vision to train his students in such a way that they can
• find logic in law
• establish inter-linkages with other subjects
• easy learning of the law, post-conceptual clarity


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